Human Resources Information Tracking

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The Employment module allows HR to manage and track employee information for current, prospective, past, and future employees. Human resource data may encompass everything from basic demographic data to employee compensation information. One central HR tab is available on each faculty/staff person record. This tab offers a summarized view of major fields HR staff may need to access on a regular basis (e.g. contract, compensation, certification, payroll, etc.). Additional HR related information such as continuing education and time off requests can be managed and tracked through the related tabs available on the faculty/staff person record and through their individual records.

Also included as part of HR responsibilities is the hiring of new employees. Similar to the admissions process for new students, new job applicant records are available to help track a job applicant’s experience, qualifications, and fit for the open position. See more about Hiring Management.

Employment related tabs on the faculty/staff person record include:

  • HR
  • CE (continuing education)
  • Time Off
  • Sub (substitute)

These four tabs represent the core information tracked within the Employment module. They are explained in further detail below.

Security Access

Access to employment data on each of these tabs are controlled by a series of five employment related security roles, one primary role and four supplemental roles.

  • Primary Staff Roles
    • Employment: provides users with access to the Employment homepage and Employment related tabs on the faculty/staff detail screens. This does not include access to compensation data.
  • Supplemental Roles
    • Employment_Extended: provides users with access to compensation data. All users with this role must have the ‘Employment’ primary staff role.
    • Employment_Application: provides users with access to all employee application data including references, application, reviews, and more.
    • Employment_Continuing_Education: provides users with access to and management of continuing education data.
    • Employment_Time_Off: provides users with access to and management of all time-off related data including the time-off tab and time-off allotment calculation functionality per faculty/staff member.

Hire & Termination Dates

Hire and Termination date fields are available on every Staff/Faculty and former Staff/Faculty person detail screen. Veracross offers automation surrounding these dates as follows:

  • Veracross will remove a staff and/or faculty person role if a date terminated exists and the date is on or before today. The Former Staff/Faculty date will be added at the same time in the nightly process.
  • Staff, Faculty, and Coach person classifications get updated with hired and terminated dates during the nightly process.
  • Former Faculty/Staff person classifications get populated with a start date based on the staff or faculty member’s termination date.


All faculty/staff person records have a simplified HR tab regardless of whether the school has purchased the Employment module. The Employment module includes additional fields to provide enhanced data tracking. Expanded areas include: certification, compensation, international, employment terms, and more.

The History input grid located at the bottom of the HR tab allows schools to enter specific information that provides a picture of the faculty/staff member’s career at the school across time. HR staff can enter information regarding the faculty/staff member’s annual review, bonuses, pay increases, leave of absence information, and more. Entering data in this tab creates a Person HR History record that can be accessed by selecting the magnifying glass in the input grid.

Note: the HR History type “Leave” will update this person’s Master Attendance status to “Leave of Absence” for the duration of their leave. When a person returns from Leave, add a “Return from Leave” HR History record for that person.


The CE tab displays a comprehensive list of all the continuing education activities, events, or certifications that a faculty/staff member has attended or earned. CE records are organized by school year, with the most recent records ordered at the top. If the CE record contains continuing education units (CEUs) this number will be reflected in the CEUs column. When the CE activity is completed, the units earned (CEUs Earned) field will update and the totals calculated accordingly.

Fields for tracking certification information such as the term and year of the faculty/staff’s certification and CE requirements per category are also available from this tab. Unit requirements for the four general CE categories (General, Academic Area, Literacy, and Technology) may be entered per faculty/staff member.

Learn more information about tracking Continuing Education using the Employment module.

Time Off

The Time Off tab displays a calculated list of the faculty or staff member’s time off allowance per time off category for the current school year. The total amount available for each category calculates in the “Amount Allowed” column. The remaining time off balance will dynamically calculate in the “Balance Remaining” column. Time off balance information calculates per school year.

Learn more information about Employee Leave Tracking.


The Sub tab tracks information related to the faculty or staff members substitute abilities, performance, sub history, etc. The “Teachers Substituted For” grid displays a list of all teachers the person has subbed for in the past. Clicking on the magnifying glass will provide information related to the specific classes subbed for.