HPU Form Activation

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Household Profile Update (HPU) forms are made available to school constituents through a combination of the “Active” checkbox on the HPU Admin tool and HPU related portal links. Both the form and the related portal link must be active and enabled in order for the form to be visible to school constituents.

HPU Form Configuration

All forms must be configured before they are activated for the school’s Veracross users. Schools may use the Configure HPU Forms link located under the Household Profile Update section on the System homepage to access the HPU Admin tool to configure their forms. Clicking on this link will open the HPU Admin tool in a web browser. All form contexts available for configuration by the school will be accessible from the “Form” dropdown menu.

Learn more information about how to configure HPU forms using the HPU Admin Tool.

Activating an HPU Form

To activate a form, the Form Status in the HPU must be set to “Active,” and the corresponding portal link must be enabled so the form displays in the correct portal.

Activation from HPU Admin

When all forms have been configured, activate the form for all users by selecting the “Active” checkbox in the “Form Status” box. There are three form statuses that may be set:

  • Active
    Form will be live to all users.
  • Inactive
    Form will be hidden from all users.
  • Testing
    Form will be accessible only by System Administrators.

Activation from Portal Links

Once the form is marked “Active,” it will be accessible via the “My Faculty/Staff Profile Update Form” link on the Main homepage of Axiom in the lower right hand corner.

Additionally, the corresponding portal link must be enabled to allow parents and faculty to view and update their profile information from their portals. HPU portal links are available through the Portal Links query under the Communication section on the System homepage.

To enable the Family Profile Update and Faculty Profile Update forms, select the portal link: “PORTALS: (Parent) Household Profile, (Staff) Profile Update.”

To activate a form, click the portal link description (i.e., “PORTALS: (Parent) Household Profile, (Staff) Profile Update”) to open the portal link detail screen. Change the Status from “Disabled” to “Enabled” and update the portal link.

The forms will now be available in the Parent Portal and Faculty Portal.

Parent Portal HPU Form Link
Faculty Portal HPU Form Link

At any time that a school would like to deactivate a form, switch the “Active” checkbox to “Inactive” on the HPU Admin tool, and change the portal link status to “Disabled.” This will hide the form from all users but will still be available for configuration in the HPU Admin tool.

Medical Profile Update Activation

The Medical Profile Update is not an HPU form context in the same way the Family and Faculty/Staff profile update forms are, but schools may still enable them through portal links. To enable the Medical Profile Update, set the status of “PARENT PORTAL: Medical Profile” portal link to “enabled.” Enabling the Medical Profile Update will make the “Medical Profile” tab available in the “My Family” section of the Parent Portal. Parents are able to click on this tab and update their children’s medical information. Schools will then review this data before approving it to update the children’s records.