How to Process an Inquiry

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When receiving an inquiry in Veracross, there are a few steps that should be taken to track that the Admissions Team has followed up with that prospect and their family. Roughly speaking those steps are, reviewing the inquiry data, tracking any communication or other notes, and marking follow up complete. Review each step below for more details.

Step 1: Review the Inquiry

Front and center on the Admissions page is the New Inquiries query, giving users real time numbers of inquiries that require processing.

Clicking the New inquiries link will pull up the list of prospects, their inquiry events, and data related to their inquiry. Sorted newest at the top, clicking any of the prospect names will open the prospect detail screen, clicking the Individual Event ID will pull up the inquiry event itself.

The query can be used as a launching point to reviewing any of the inquiry data. To review the inquiry form the prospect or their family completed, click into the inquiry event. A link to the completed form is available on the Inquiry page.

Step 2: Take Action on the Inquiry

There are a number of actions that can be taken on the inquiry before marking Follow Up Complete.

  • Take follow up notes for the inquiry on the inquiry event itself.
  • Email the parents of the prospect by using the Email Parents link on the Prospect’s Communication tab.
  • Assign the prospect an admission counselor by indicating the counselor on the Prospect’s Admissions Detail General tab. For an individual to appear as an option in this drop-down menu, their Primary Department must be ‘Admissions’.

Depending on the Admissions department, some, all, or even more actions will be taken.

Step 3: Mark Follow Up Complete

Whether sending a quick follow up email to the parents of the Prospect or doing much more, after action has been taken Follow Up Complete must be checked. This indicates no further action is necessary for that inquiry. Do so by marking Follow Up Complete on the Inquiry event. Follow Up Complete can be marked directly from the New Inquiries query.