How to process a Withdraw with Student Billing

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How to Process a withdrawing student in the Student Billing Module

To process a student that is withdrawing for this School Year or for the next School Year, there are specific workflows depending on where the business office is within processing. 

Next School Year Withdraw

If your department is notified that a Student or Future Student will no longer be attending for the next school year there are a few things to consider.

1) Did they pay the Deposit, and at your school, is a Deposit non-refundable?  If it is refundable, here are the two ways to process a refund in Veracross. 

2) If an Invoice has been posted already, and you do not plan on billing that Student at all for that next school year, you will want to Cancel the AR Invoice

3) If Invoice has not been processed yet, and the Charge Items generated during Online Enrollment have not been moved to an invoice, you can simply delete the charge items. 

4) If an Invoice has been posted for the next school year and the Deposit has not already been applied, you can cancel the AR Invoice Items that will no longer be billed.  This will allow the parent to have an Invoice that shows that they paid the Deposit, but that was the only thing that they were responsible for. 

Current School Year Withdraw

If your department is notified that a current Student is withdrawing from the school mid-year, there are a few things to consider.

1) If they have credit balance on their invoice, you can refund the parent

2) If the family owes money on the invoice, you can either cancel what will no longer be charged or write it off.  If this is a Household Level invoice where the sibling will be staying at the school, only cancel the Invoice Items relevant to the child withdrawing. 

3) Once the school side processes their withdrawal, they will lose access to the Parent Portal once the overnights run.   Any money owed will need to be submitted via check by the family.