How to Post and Lock Grades to Transcripts


There are a number of ways that grades can be posted to transcripts; this article highlights several methods of posting and locking.

Posting to Transcripts for All Students

Grades must be posted and locked in order to be posted to transcripts. To ensure this is the case, run the Post/Lock procedure on the Action menu twice, first to post and then to lock grades.

Once all (or the majority of) report card grades for the grading period have been posted, and select “Post <Grading Period> Grades to Transcript” from the Action menu on the Upper School homepage. This will post any report card grades that have been posted to the transcript for all students (including seniors).

Posting to Transcript by School Year

Most often, schools will be posting grades to transcripts for the current year. However the option does exist though to modify what school year grades should be posted from.

Posting to Transcript in Grading Periods

Typically, only certain grading period grades will get posted to the transcript. For example, a school may choose to post Semester 1 and Semester 2 grades to the transcript, but not final grades. To indicate which grading periods should have grades posted to the transcript, check off the “Post to Transcript” box on the Grading Periods report on the system page.

Posting Transcripts for Seniors only

If there is a need to post the final semester grades for seniors to the transcript before the rest of the school is ready, there are menu options available to help with this process:

1. “Post/Lock Numeric Grades…” on the Action menu: From within this menu, you are able to specify that you’ll only be posting report card grades for students in grade 12 (you’ll also be able to select the grading period for your posting procedure).

2. Once you’ve only posted the report card grades for Seniors, you can go back to your school level specific Action menu and use the generic “Post <Grading Period> Grades to Transcript.” Since the Seniors will be the only students with report card grades, only Senior transcript grades will be posted.

3. After you’ve posted the Senior grades to the transcripts, you can then run the “Lock <Grading Period> Transcript Grades” to lock the Senior transcript grades (so they won’t get overwritten when transcript grades are posted for all other grade levels).

Posting/Locking when Section Transfers have occurred

It’s not uncommon for students to transfer (move) from one section to another in a course, even after Transcripts may have already been posted for that term. How you handle situations like this will depend on the specifics at your school, and this is only a relevant issue if your school posts term grades (semesters, trimesters, etc.) for Transcripts, but there are roughly two situations for how your school may pursue this. Note, if your school only shows “Final” grades on transcripts, then you may not need to read this section.

  1. If your school transfers the grades from one section to the other when a section transfer is processed, then this will need to be handled by the following steps. (Note, most schools that transfer grades from one section to another do so primarily for two reasons: (a) To have the grade appear on the report card under the new teacher’s name, and (b) To have the transferred grade included in calculations to produce a Major grade or a Final grade).
    1. First, complete the transfer as documented here.
    2. Second, verify that the Class Enrollment Record for the class the student has left has the “Exclude from Transcript” flag set. The default behavior is that this will in fact be set whenever you fill in the Withdraw Date field on a class enrollment record.
    3. Third, unlock the transcript items and then use the Transcript posting dialogue to “Clear & repost blank grades” for the affected term. This will have the effect of deleting transcript items, and then re-inserting transcript items based on the new class enrollments settings, which had changed since the last time you posted Transcripts
    4. In sum, the purpose of this is to guarantee a linear connection between Transcript Items and their associated, intended Class Enrollment Records (as they exist subsequent to transferring students from one section to another), and even more importantly, to guarantee that duplicate transcript items don’t exist (the original being from the withdrawn class and a new one coming from the late-entered class). These instructions guarantee only one transcript item for that course/grade, and also guarantee a connection between the intended class enrollment and the transcript items.
    5. Risk/Rationale for doing this: If you post “Term 1”, then process transfers, and again later post “Term 1” to transcripts without first Clearing & reposting, you will very likely have duplicate transcript items show on your transcripts and/or be included in GPAs.
  2. If your school does not transfer the grades from one section to the other, and/or if your school does not display Term (Semester, Trimester, etc) grades on Transcripts, and ONLY displays Final grades on Transcripts, then this will not be handled specially because you presumably only ever post transcripts for Final grades after Transfers have been settled; Final grades are usually only entered in the resulting class after transfers, and therefore do not exist until they are “accurate” in the transferred class.