How to Post an AP Invoice

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Step-by-Step Manually

  1. Within an AP Invoice, navigate to the Adjust tab and specify a Temp Posting Date.  Click Update.
  2. In the Action Menu, select Post Invoice.  This will post the invoice to the Temp Posting Date that was specified in Step 1.

Step-by-Step Batch

  1. Before posting AP Invoices, perform a thorough review of the Unposted AP Invoice Headers and Invoice Items to confirm that data is complete and accurate.
  2. When ready to proceed with posting, click on the Post AP Invoices link on the Accounts Payable homepage.
  3. Enter a Posting Date to specify the date for the resulting Journal Entry; enter other criteria as necessary to identify the specific items to be posted.  The commonlyommon used criteria are “Begin Item Date” and “End Item Date”.
  4. Click on the “Add Post AP Invoices” button to initiate the actual posting operation.
  5. When the operation concludes, click on the Results tab to view a summarization of the process, and then click on the JE Ref # to review the Journal Entry that resulted from Posting.
  6. After completing the posting process, return to the Accounts Payable homepage and run the Unpaid AP Invoice Report.  Confirm that the newly posted AP Invoices appear in the results.  When the appropriate time arrives, these invoices can be scheduled for payment.