How to Enter a Misc Cash Receipt

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In the case where you receive a payment that should not apply to an Invoice at any point and should directly credit a revenue account,  the workflow suggestion is that you enter a Misc Cash Receipt in the Student Billing Module.  Examples include program registration payments, refunds from vendors, application fees, dividends, cash payments from faculty/staff, basically, anything that you collect money for that will not be invoiced.  

How To Enter a Misc Cash Receipt 

To enter a Misc Cash Receipt, where the Journal Entry created will Debit Cash and Credit Revenue, navigate to the AR Workflow Homepage.  

  1. Add a Simple Receipt  
    1. Populate the following fields at a minimum
      1. Paying Household/Person
      2. Receipt Category: Misc Cash Receipt 
      3. Receipt Date
      4. Amount
      5. Description
      6. Receipt Type  
  2. Click Add Simple Receipt  
  3.  Now confirm/enter the CR GL Account field and add a Cash Receipt Batch  
  4.  Post the Cash Receipt Batch