How to Cancel a Donation

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In the event that a Development Office receives a notification from the Donor that they want to cancel their Donation or that Donation is no longer accurate the Business Office can cancel that Donation.  This workflow will both affect the Accounting Side GL and the Axiom Side by canceling that Donation and creating a reversing Journal Entry.


  1. Navigate to the Donation Record in Veracross Accounting
  2. Click on the Adj/Stock Sale Tab.  This is where you will be able to make an adjustment that will reflect both on the Development side (reports)  and the Accounting side (GL) .
  3. Populate the Adjustment Date, enter in any date as long as the fiscal period is still open. 
    1. Adjustment Type: Cancel
  4. Press Update. With this update, the system will create a negative donation for the same amount as the original donation.
  5. View the Adjustment on the Adjustments Tab of that Donation Record
  6. Assign a Batch ID to the cancellation, this will be used as criteria when posting 
  7. Mark it Ready to Post 
  8. Navigate to the Post Pledges/Donations to post the adjustments.  
    1. Processing Option: Donation Adjustment 
    2. Posting Date: the date you want this posted to 
    3. Batch ID : enter the Batch ID assigned to the Donation Adjustment
  9. Click Add Post Development 
    1. Results Tab will give you a link to the new JE