How is parent hierarchy determined (i.e. parent 1, parent 2, parent 3, and parent 4)?

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The factors that determine the parent hierarchy (parent 1, parent 2, parent 3, and parent 4), are found below:

Note: a tie in one level is resolved by checking the next level down.

  1. custody status + relationship type = (mother, father)  (missing either element will result in a value for this criterion is 0 for this criterion; having both results in a value of 1)
  2. residency status (if the child lives in the same household as the related person, the value for this criterion is 1; otherwise 0)
  3. relationship type (father > mother > guardian > step-father > step-mother)
  4. gender (none > male > female > user-defined genders)
  5. first name (alphabetical)
  6. last name (alphabetical)