How does Preferred Communications Method function with Composer and Distribution Lists?

If a person with a Preferred Communication Method of “Paper Mail” is targeted to receive a Composer email from a query or from a group selected in Composer, then they will receive the email. If a child is targeted in the query and the "Parent/Guardian" option is selected in Composer, any parent/guardian with “Paper Mail” as their Preferred Communication Method will not receive the email. 

Parents with a Preferred Communication Method of “Paper Mail” will be excluded from group distribution list emails and group parent distribution list emails (except for certain targeted distribution lists such as “email parents of student”).

The Preferred Communication Method field selection will determine who shows in the Email Recipients tab on a Group record (preference of “Email” or “Both”), but not on the Recipients: Mail Merge tab (no automatic filtering is done there). 

For advanced reports with a report type based on Preferred Communication Method, person records with a preference of “Email” or “Both” will show under the Email tab and persons with a preference of “Paper Mail” or “both” will show under the Paper tabs.