How do you add "none" as a organization drop-down option in a collection in AP3?

Collections are used in AP3 to establish the "pick list" in a drop-down in the admission portal. If you are using a collection to display organizations, you might want to have a "none" option. To add a "none" option:

  1. Navigate to the Candidate Changes homepage, then click the "Admission Portal" registration season type.
  2. On the registration season type, click the Collections tab and then click into the collection you wish to add it to. 
  3. Click "Add Record."
  4. In the advanced search, select the first blank organization record (it's the first one so you don't actually have to click it) and click "Select Organization."
  5. Back on the collection screen, click "Update." 

This will populate a blank organization that will read as "None".