How do we set up a discount code for use on an Other Program registration form?

There are two steps required to have a functioning discount code for program registration:

  1. +Add Catalog Item: From the System homepage, go to the +Add menu in the upper right corner and select "Add Catalog Item". Configure the discount as desired, being sure to set the Rate 1 value as a negative value and check the box for "Is Payable Online". Pay close attention to the abbreviation value, as you'll need to distribute that value to familes for use on the form.
  2. Program Registration Configuration: At the bottom of the center column on the Other Programs homepage, click on the Program Registration Config link and select the config record you're setting up the discount code for. On the general tab > far right column > Discounts header > set the Max Discounts value. To allow families to apply a single discount count, set the value to 1.