How do we make nametags?

Nametags can be constructed within Axiom's query design pulling whichever fields you'd like. To set up nametags, follow these steps:Working from a find person query, take the following steps:

  1. Beginning on a Find Person query design screen, in the center section of included fields, select the fields to include on the nametag by clicking the "Displayed" checkbox to the left of the field name.
    •  If you want to include a picture to your nametag, search for the Photo field in the field library on the left and add Photo to your design.
  2. Click the Query tab located near the top center of the included fields section.
  3. Under the first header "Visualization" select the "Cards" layout.
  4. On the right hand side of the screen, the Visualization Configuration options will then appear.
  5. If you've included a photo, be sure to select Photo Card from the Card Format dropdown menu. Then select photo from the card fields.
  6. Run the query to see your result. You may need to modify the order of the included fields to achieve the desired result.

Note: The cards visualization only allows for printing on the follow parameters:

  • Page Size - 8.5 ×11in
  • Card Size - 2.6×2in
  • Number of Columns - 3
  • Number of Rows - 5
  • Total Cards per Page - 15