How do we hide a student's report card from the student and parent portal?

To "hide" a report card in the parent or student portal, you can update the publishing status of that particular student's academic document for the given grading period. To do this:

  1. Navigate to the Academic Documents homepage.
  2. Click into the academic document record. You can access it a few different ways:
    • If it's an active document, it shows up in the list at the top of the homepage. 
    • You can click the "Current Year Academic Documents" link.
  3. On the academic document record, navigate to the Parent Portal tab and/or the Student Portal tab and click the "Published" sub-tab.
  4. Update the "Publishing Status" field to either "Unpublished" (which will display a graded-out text instead of a link) or "Not Published" (which completely hides the particular link.
  5. Click "Update."

Recommended: Impersonate the parent or student, log in as them, and confirm that the document is not displayed as intended.