How do we display phone numbers in the faculty directory?

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The Portal Admin homepage contains a directories section with records for each directory type. Making changes to the configuration and preferences tabs allows you to make systemwide changes to directory displays, while the Preferences tab section allows you to make person or household specific changes.

The Directories section of the Portal Admin homepage. Each link takes you to the directory type record for that particular directory.

Example: How do I show business phones on faculty directories?

  1.  Start from the Portal Admin homepage and click on the "Faculty & Staff Directory Type" link in the Directories section.
  2.  In the directory record, click the Configuration tab in the All tab section.
  3.  In the "Business Phone Display Status" row of the "Faculty/Staff Fields" subtotal header, adjust the numerical value of the "Value" column. The "Value" column can contain one of three options:
    • 0 — hides the field
    • 1 — shows the field when data is present
    • 2 — always shows the field
      • this displays a "--" when there is no value

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