How do we configure a certain Student to be On Hold for Re-Enrollment?

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Sometimes there will be a situation where you will need to put a student's enrollment on hold.  Reasons are school-specific but examples include holding a student's enrollment due to unpaid fees from the previous year, not returning school property or waiting for Financial Aid. 

To mark the enrollment as "On-Hold" and communicate that to the parent, populate the following:

  1.  Navigate to the Online Enrollment Homepage, Find Re-Enrollment query and find the applicable Student's Enrollment Record
  2. On the General tab you can add custom Hold notes that only this Student's parent will see.  (You will want to use verbiage in the Hold Notes text box to describe to the parents why ORE is On Hold for them.)  
  3. Then go to the Enrollment Checklist Tab and mark the (Re)Enrollment on Hold Checklist Item as "Completed".   

Now the Student will successfully be placed  On Hold until these actions are reversed.