How do we allow faculty and staff to review applications?

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Application review is an important part of the Admission process — it is one of many steps used to determine whether a particular school and student are a good match for eachother. You can read more about the application review process in documentation here.  Depending on your school's workflows, you may decide to allow faculty and staff members to be in charge of reviewing applications.

A blank reviewer configuration record, accessible via the +Add Reviewer Configuration link on the Admissions: Application Review homepage.

On the Reviewers section of the Admissions: Application Review homepage, you can edit current and add new reviewer configurations. Each staff or faculty member needs their own reviewer configuration record, which can be created using the +Add Reviewer Configuration link. Reviewer configuration records can be set up to filter on the following parameters:

  1. School Level
  2. Grade Level
  3. Campus
  4. Student Group
  5. Resident Status
  6. Gender
  7. Feeder School
  8. Filtering Group