How do I update the "Grade Applying For" (GAF) on an application we've already accepted?

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When you accept an admission candidate, their application is locked automatically by the system, preventing accidental changes. If the situation arises where you need to update an accepted candidate's Grade Applying For (GAF) field, you need to first unlock the application record, make the update, then relock it. Note that if an application is locked, you cannot update the GAF directly on the person record. Here's what to do:

  1. Navigate to the "Other" tab of the application record and set the "Locked" field to "No" and click "Update."
    • You can run a Find Applications query on the Admissions homepage, or click the "Application" link on the candidate detail screen to get the application.
  2. On the "General" tab of the application record, update the Grade Applying For field and click "Update."
    • The overnight script will update the accepted candidate's Grade Level field on their enrollment record to match the new Grade Applying For field on the application.
  3. Lock the application again: Go back to the "Other" tab of the application record, update the "Locked" field to "Yes," and click "Update."

Note: In some cases, a school will have a customized Application that has been designed to not display the Locked field on the Other tab of the Application, or potentially the field is not shown on any tab on the Application Record. In order to change the Locked value, in this case, the Application ID can be used in the Find Application query on the Admission Homepage and the Locked field can be added to the criterion in the query. The Locked value can then be changed from within the query results.