How do I switch to a different rotation mid-year?

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Sometimes, situations arise where you need to a different rotation in the middle of a school year. In these situations, it is important that you follow the proper steps.

A Calendar Day record with the "hamburger menu" indicated. This opens the panel on the left where you can select the Rotations tab.

Example Scenario: It is the middle of the school year and your school is running on a Hybrid or In-Person schedule, but you need to switch to a fully remote schedule. Luckily, you've thought ahead and built out a fully remote schedule on a different rotation and you now want the system to look to use the new remote rotation instead of the old one.

Part 1

  1. Start at the System Homepage > Configuration Section > Scheduling Header > Rotation Calendar. Click into the day that you'd like the new rotation to start and click on the Rotations tab in the "hamburger" menu.
  2. Click “Add Record” to add a new rotation. Select the new rotation that you are switching to for the Rotation field and the day of the rotation you would like it to start in the Day field. Click into the new record you've created using the Open Record button.
  3. On the Calendar Day Rotation record, click on the Action Menu and run the “Initialize Rotation from this Date Forward” procedure. 

Part 2

  1. Start with a blank Calendar Rotation Day query and pull in the “Calendar Date” field to the query design page.
  2. Set the criteria for the Calendar Date field to be "date is on or after” the date in which the new rotation is starting.
  3.  Set the Rotation field to be the rotation that is no longer going being used.
  4. Run the query and look at the results to confirm that the results are the dates and rotation days that are no longer needed or are not taking place.
  5. Click on the Action Menu and run the Batch Delete procedure to delete these records which are no longer needed. 
  6. Go back to the Rotation Calendar and review it to confirm that the old rotation ends and the new one has begun.
  7. On the day of the switch, go to the System Homepage > Configuration Section > General Header and click into the School Levels query.
  8. Update the Primary Rotation field to be the new rotation that the system is using for the appropriate school levels. This allows Schedule Documents to show the correct rotation.