How do I switch from Google Recommendation Forms to Veracross Recommendation Forms?

After you have built your recommendation forms, you will need to change the Widget Type and the Admissions Checklist. If you have more questions about building recommendation forms and their workflows, please read more about our recommendation forms here. To switch from Google Recommendation Forms to Veracross Recommendation Forms, you must first switch the widget type by performing the following steps: 

  1. Go to the Admission: Candidate Changes Homepage and click the link for Admission Portal under “Registration Season Types”. 
  2. On this page, click the link for “Checklist Items (Current)” and on this page locate the three forms in question.
  3. On the embedded query and underneath the column “Widget Type”, double-click the part that says “Google Recommendation” and change it to “Recommendation”. 
  4. Once you have finished making the changes, click Update. 

After that, you will then need to update the Admission Checklist. You can do that byperforming the following steps:

  1. Go to the Admission homepage, scroll down to the Other section, and click the link titled Admission Checklist.
  2. In the query, search for the documents you are changing and click the hyperlink to take you to the Application Checklist Item record.
  3. On that record, go to the tab that says Admission Portal and there is a portion that reads Recommendations.
  4. Change the Google Form to “None”, set the Recommendation Form, and click Update.