How do I set up my own query to work with the Launchpad Quick Search?

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The Axiom Launchpad Search allows you to find and access query results right from the Launchpad, and works for any query to which you have access, including personal queries. You can determine how the Axiom Launchpad Search interacts with your query by setting the Launchpad Quickview Options on your query design and following these steps:

  • From the query design screen, click on the ‘Query’ tab and scroll to the bottom of the screen.
  • In the ‘Launchpad Quickview Options’ section, set each field accordingly.
  • Save your query changes. If you’re altering Launchpad Quickview Options for a default system query, it’s important that you save your own version of the query first.

The field settings are as follows:

  • Criteria Field - Which field within your query design will you be using to search?
  • Link Field - Which record within your query results should open when you click on a result?
  • Description Field - What field information should show as the main description of your query result?
  • Context Field - What field information should show as additional information within your query result?

For reference, you can read more about the Axiom Launchpad Search in this documentation article.