How do I send separate pledge reminder emails to both the HOH and Spouse?

Unfortunately, because of the type of query used (where both the head of household (HOH) and spouse are listed on the same line) and because the system requires the person ID to link to the record the email is being sent to are sending the email to, it is necessary to send two emails: the first email to the donor/HOH and the second email to the spouse.

When designing the query to be used to create the Composer email ensure you add the following fields:

  • Donor Person ID
  • Household: Head of Household Person ID
  • Household Spouse: Person ID

Create and send the first email using the HOH Person ID field as the "recipient person ID field."

Create and send a second email using the Household Spouse: Person ID as the "recipient person ID field" to capture the spouses only.