How do I rename a query?

When building custom queries for later use, it's helpful to rename the query to be something indicative of what you are using the query for. To do this, perform the following steps:

You can adjust the name of a query on the Query tab in the query design screen.

  1. From a query design page, click on the Query tab in the center panel.
  2. Type the name you would like for this query on the Query Description line.
  3. Click on the Organize (+) menu and select either Save to Workspace... or Overwrite Query.
    • Save to Workspace... should be used if this is a brand new custom query that you're saving.
    • Overwrite Query should be used if you are modifying an existing query that you use.
      • WARNING: Overwriting a query will change this query for anyone looking to access it, so, be sure you use this option deliberately!

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