How do I remove qualitative criteria from a report card?

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Qualitative criteria show on the report card due to a combination of the following factors:

  • the current qualitative grading configuration of the course
  • the existence of grade records

If you are experiencing issues with qualitative criteria appearing when they shouldn't, check both factors indicated above.

Qualitative Grading tab of the Course record

First, navigate to the Qualitative Grading tab on the relevent course record (accessible via the Course List query) and check to see if there is an active configuration linking the criterion to the course for the grading period in question (located on the Active tab as opposed to the Archived tab).

For the sake of historical records, we include all criteria that are associated with the course on this tab, even archived ones. To switch back and forth between "Active" and "Archived" criteria, use the relevent tabs at the top of the grid. If the criterion has been used for this course in the past, it is important that the configuration not be removed. Instead, the criterion itself should be archived.

If the criterion should not be archived because it is also associated with other courses still in use — you must create new, separate criteria and associate them with the other courses. Learn about setting up qualitatives here.

If the criterion is not listed or is archived — this configuration is not contributing to the appearance of the criterion on the report card, and you should review the grade records

Grade Records

Occasionally, when configurations are changed or criteria are archived, grade records have already been created and are not deleted. This often causes the criterion to show up on documents even though it is not otherwise configured to.

To find qualitative grade records that may exist and shouldn't, perform the following steps:

  1. Beginning from the Find Qualitative Grades query on the System homepage select the applicable:
    • criterion
    • class
    • grading period
    • school year (if other than the current year)
  2.  If any grade records appear, as long as they do not contain any grade information (e.g. proficiency level, comments) and are not locked, you can batch delete them directly from the action menu.
    Be advised that batch deletion cannot be undone so make sure that the applicable criteria should be deleted before doing so.