How do I publish report cards?

To publish your report card to the parent or student portal, utilize the academic document publishing workflow, new for the 2020-21 school year. Report cards are no longer published using the "Publish Report Cards" field on the Grading Periods query. You can check out the quickstart guide to publishing academic documents, but here are the bare-bones steps if you need to publish in the next ten minutes:

  1. Head to the Academic Documents homepage and click the "Current Year Academic Documents" query.  
  2. Click into the report you want to publish.
  3. On the Configuration tab, click "Add Record" and create an "Include" filter, setting a min and max grade. For example, if the document is a high school report card, select Grade 9 and Grade 12.
    • Set the default publishing status for the student and/or parent portal. 
    • Optionally, set the category, report title, and sort key. See the quickstart guide for more info. 
    • Click Update.
  4. Action menu > Refresh Filters.
  5. Click the "Record Review" tab. Documents to be published will be listed under "Pending." Look good? Action menu > Commit Filters. 
    • They now show up on "All Existing Records."
    • Something not look right? No trouble: Edit your filters, refresh, review.
  6. To publish: Action menu > Publish All (or Publish Parents, or Publish Students).
    • Review all documents on the "Parent Portal" and "Student Portal" tabs.  
    • Selectively update publishing statuses or use the Action menu for batch. 
    • Published = clickable link in the portal; Unpublished = grayed-out unclickable link in the portal; Not Published = no link at all, completely invisible to portal user.
  7. Double-check: Impersonate a parent or student and ensure that they see the expected report card.