How do I merge adult and child records?

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When going through the data grooming process, occasionally, you will try to merge two records unsuccessfully because one is an "Adult" record and one is a "Child" record. If you are sure that these records should be merged, perform the following steps to merge these records:

When attempting to merge an "Adult" with a "Child" record, this error appears. 

  1. Identify the 'Data Source' for each of the records you are hoping to merge and make a note of each of them.
    •  To do this, open the both of their person records (click 'Person ID' as shown above), navigate to the Other tab and you will see the Data Source field.
  2. Navigate to the System homepage and click the Data Sources link.
  3. Find the Data Sources that match the records you are merging and note which values are checked for those data sources in the "Is Adult" and "Is Child" column.
    • If you are getting the error referenced in this article, these values should be mismatched.
  4. Uncheck both of these boxes and then click Update Records to save those changes.
  5. Immediately head back to the query you are using to merge the Duplicate Records and run the merge ASAP to reduce the amount of time that these Data Sources are checked off.
  6. Immediately head back to the Data Sources and toggle the checkboxes back to how they were prior to the merge and click Update Records.

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