How do I mark someone as deceased and what happens when I mark them as deceased?

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To indicate that a person has passed away, navigate to the Other tab of the person record and populate the Date of Death field. If the Date of Death is not known, you may enter a date that is used internally to represent an unknown date of death, such as 1/1/1901. When this field is updated, the system does the following:

  1. Most salutations are removed from the person’s record. The exception to this is when informal salutations have either ‘Append HS Grad Year’ or ‘Append Attributes’ flagged. If this is true, then those portions of the salutation are not erased — the ‘Deceased’ attribute and a graduation year are appended.
  2. If the person has a spouse, the spouse’s salutations are updated to display only their name.
  3. The household salutations are updated to display only the spouse’s name.
  4. If the person was the head of the household, this flag is removed.
  5. The person has the role of “Deceased” added to their list of Roles.

During the nightly scripts, the system:

  1. Removes all of the relationship flags (legal custody, parent portal access, emergency contact, pickup authorization, etc.).
  2. Removes the person’s user account.
  3. Changes relationships from Husband/Wife to Late Husband/Late Wife.
  4. If the deceased was the only member of a household AND they have no gift records, the household ID is removed from the person record and the household will be removed.
  5. Removes email addresses and phone numbers.
  6. Flags the person record as Do Not Mail, Do Not Call, Do Not Solicit.
  7. Removes all display preferences (display city, state, home phone, spouse name, etc.).