How do I manually update a school policy response?

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Typically, parents reply to policies directly in the online enrollment portal by interacting with a policy form. If you have a policy set to be "read only after update," then the policy is locked after the parent makes a choice and saves it. But what happens if a parent makes an error and needs to make a change? They will not be able to update the form as it is, so there are two options for them to make a change: you can either unlock the policy for that person so the parent can make it, or make the change yourself. 

To. have the parent make the change:

  1. Navigate to the student's enrollment detail record and click the "Enr. Policies" tab.
  2. Uncheck the "Locked" field for the particular enrollment policy. Click "Update." The enrollment policy is now unlocked and the parent can update their answer on the policy form. 
    • If enrollment is over and parents don't have access to the online enrollment portal anymore, the parent could also update their response in the parent portal if the policy is marked to display there. 

To make the change yourself:

  1. Navigate to the student's enrollment detail record and click the "Enr. Policies" tab.
  2. Manually update the policy response. Optionally, add a note to clarify the reason for the manual update (the note is internal only, not displayed in the portal). 
    • Tip: The interface allows you to select from all responses in all response groups, so be sure to select the response that is drawn from the response group used by that policy.

You can manually update policy responses. 

If you need to see who made the update, look at the audit log on the policy response:

  1. Click the "Open" icon (far right) to drill into the actual response to that policy.
  2. Click "Audit Log" in the top right to see who made the update.