How do I manage the person and household records in divorce cases?

First, put one of the divorcing parents into their own household:

  1. Run a Find People query or otherwise navigate to the person record of the spouse who is moving out.
  2. Click the Action menu (lightning bolt) and click Create New Household For Person

Then, update information as needed:

  1. Update the Marital Status field (on the General tab) for both of the former spouses. 
  2. Update the household information (e.g., address) in the new household. 
  3. Navigate to the Related People tab and update the relationships as appropriate.

Keep in mind that household is separate from relationship status, so for instance, you could move one parent to a new household using the "Create New Household For Person" procedure without updating the relationships, and conversely, you could update the relationships to "former husband/wife" without moving one of them into their own household.