How do I make sure a someone does not receive an email?

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Sometimes, schools run into situations where a parent or other constituent does not want to receive any emails. There are a few ways to prevent emails:

  1. Populating the Date of Death field: makes it so this person will never receive email communication from the school through distribution lists.
  2. Clearing the Email 1 Field: makes it so this person will not receive communication from the school through distribution lists. To store the email for reference, move it to the Email 2 field, which is never used for communications.
  3. Updating Preferred Communication Method to “Paper Mail”: removes the individual from group-based email distribution lists.
    •  However, “email parents of student” and other constructed distribution lists will still email the parent, regardless of how this preference is set. 
    • For people with “None Specified”, reports/groups treat this as a “do not mail” setting: they will not be included in Paper Mail or email lists.
  4. Adding the recipient to the Blocked tab on any channel: removes people from receiving email in blocked channels.