How do I enter a termination date and remove user accounts for staff/faculty who are not returning?

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When an employee leaves the school, you can populate the "Date Terminated" field on the HR tab of their person record. Then, when the date arrives (you can populate a future date), the system does several things automatically, including removing the user account in the overnight scripts. This functionality does not require the Employment module. 

Populating the Date Terminated field on the HR tab of a former employee's person record will remove their user account in the nightly scripts.

To remove user accounts for former employees, perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Person record of the employee who was terminated and click on the HR tab in the Employment category section.
  2. Populate the "Date Terminated" field with the date they were terminated.
  3. Click Update
  4. Wait for the nightly scripts to run. When the date passes:
    • the staff or faculty person role is removed
    • Former Faculty/Staff person classifications are populated with a start date based on the staff or faculty member’s termination date
    • the person's user account is removed

If you need to remove their user account immediately:

  1. Navigate to the former employee's person record.
  2. Open the Action menu and run the Remove VC User Account procedure.

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