How do I enter a termination date and remove user accounts for staff/faculty who are not returning?

After an employee ceases working for the school, it is important to remove their account for both data grooming and security purposes. To remove user accounts for former employees, perform the following steps:

Populating the Date Terminated field on the HR tab of a former employee's person record will remove their user account in the nightly scripts.

  1. Navigate to the Person record of the employee who was terminated and click on the HR tab in the Employment category section.
  2. Populate the "Date Terminated" field with the date they were teminated.
  3. Click Update
  4. Wait for the nightly scripts to run. Anyone with a termination date populated will automatically have their account removed by the nightly scripts.

In cases where you need to remove their account immediately:

  1. Navigate to the former employee's person record.
  2. Open the Action menu and run the Remove VC User Account procedure.

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