How do I enable an HPU form to allow edits to existing contacts?

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In addition to configuring the forms themselves, the Allow Immediate Family Update field on the General tab of the HPU form detail record must also be configured by our engineering team.

The options for these are:

  • No: Users are unable to edit the contact information — including pickup authorizations — for any person who lives in their own household.
  • Yes: Users have unrestricted ability to edit household contact information through Portals. (Not recommended.)
  • Inherit from Relationship: Editing access is allowed based on the type of the relationship. This is determined by the Display on HPU column of the Relationships configuration query.

Schools can turn off HPU updating for household members so that they never have to worry about user error resulting in unacceptable states, such as a student having no emergency contact data.

If you would like to change the configuration of a form, please submit a support ticket through the client support portal. In the ticket, include:

  • a link to the HPU configuration record
  • indicate which setting you would like the form to be set to