How do I delete workspace folders?

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Sometimes, you may need to delete a workspace folder that was made in error or perhaps belonged to someone no longer associated with your school. To delete a workspace folder in Axiom, perform the following steps:

  1. Ensure that the folder is empty. 
    • To do this, navigate to the workspace folder you want to delete and proceed to either delete the saved queries and records that are located there or move them to a new workspace.
    • Both options can be selected once you press the "Edit" button on either the query section or record section.
  2.  Once the workspace folder is empty, navigate back to the workspace that this folder is contained in, select "edit" on the folder, and delete the folder.
    • To delete a full personal workspace, after making sure it is empty, open a ticket through the client support portal as Veracross needs to delete Personal workspaces.

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