How do I create a query showing all individuals who unsubscribed from emails?

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The easiest way to find anyone who has opted out of receiving is to start from a query accessed from the blocked tab in any channel. From there, you should make some adjustments so you can view all channels and records. The process for doing this is as follows:

  1. From the Communications homepage, click on any channel, navigate to the Blocked tab, and open a new query using the "pop-out" button.
  2. On the query design screen, select the Channel field and make the following changes:
    • Check the "hide/view" box to enable the field to be viewed in results (this is hidden by default)
    • Click Select None in the filter criteria (the query will default to the specific channel you clicked into)
  3. With the Channel field still selected, click the Style tab in the right column and select None from the Column Options drop-down menu.
    •  Because the field is suppressed from view by default, you need to update it so you can view which channel a user unsubscribed from.

Once you make these updates, feel free to rearrange the fields and group them how you'd like for this report.