How do I convert an account to a staff account?

When someone becomes a member of the school faculty or staff, some changes must be made to convert a "non-staff account" to a "staff account". Follow these steps below to change a non-staff account to a staff account:

The Security Admin link column in the Find User Accounts query.

  1. Update the individual person record on the Roles tab to add the Faculty/Staff role as needed.
  2. Navigate to the System homepage and open the Find User Accounts query. Search for the person (remember, last name then first name!) and then run the query.
  3. Click the Security Admin link in the Security Admin column next to the person you are converting to open their person account record.
  4. Click on the Action menu and run the "Convert Parent Account to Staff Account" procedure.
  5. At this point, the account is set up be be a staff account. Click on the Security Roles tab to apply the appropriate security role to this new faculty or staff member.

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