How do I configure a class to set master attendance?

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Master Attendance is an important piece of your school's attendance workflow and helps determine a student's default attendance status when teachers are taking attendance for the day.

Master attendance answers a general "Is this person here at school today?" You can view this data from the Attendance homepage.

 Configuring a class to take master attendance must be done by a Veracross Engineer and should be discussed with your Account Manager as well. When you are ready to set up master attendance, generate a ticket through Veracross Support. If you are looking to swap from a class taking class attendance to master attendance instead, you should also submit a ticket with Veracross Support.

The default classes that take master attendance are based on school level and are as follows:

  • Pre-School — Homeroom
  • Lower School — Homeroom
  • Middle School — 1st period of the day
  • Upper School — 1st period of the day

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