How do I change solicitation group membership (Dev 2.0)?

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In Development 2.0, solicitation groups are tied to giving history records. There are two ways to change solicitation group membership:

  • Individual memberships can be changed from a giving history record
    1. Click on the General tab
    2. In the far right column labeled "Attributes", there is a field for Solicitation Group. If you know the exact name, type in the name and hit the "tab" key on your keyboard to select the group
    3. Alternatively, you can also click the magnifying glass to look up a name and select the group that way.
    4. Click Update.
  • To edit multiple solicitation groups at the same time:
    1. Run a Find Giving History query and bring in the solicitation group field.
    2. You can edit the solicitation group one row at a time or select a number of rows
    3. Use the batch update procedure on the action menu (lightning bolt) to batch update these fields.