How can we add different tuition amounts in Online Enrollment for different grade levels?

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If your school has different Tuition prices for each of your grade levels, you can add criteria to the Amounts in Online Enrollment. 

On the Online Enrollment homepage, Core Configuration section, click the Amounts link to see your current Enrollment related Catalog Items. 

Note the following columns:

  1. Rate 1 - The numerical values in this column are dollar amounts, unless the Percentage Item box in the column immediately to the right is checked, and then it is a percentage item. Tuition Fee Types should not be percentage items. 
  2. Start Grade/End Grade - These values allow you to put criteria on the specific Catalog Items when editing and adding new tuition amounts.  

If you have Veracross Student Billing, prior to adding Amounts, communicate with your Business Office regarding adding Catalog Items to reflect the different grade level Tuition rates.

If you do not have Veracross Student Billing to add Amounts/Catalog Items: 

  1. Navigate to the Online Enrollment homepage. 
  2. In the upper right corner click on the "+Add" button and select Amounts from the dropdown menu. 
  3. Type a value in the Description  field, set the Catalog Category to Tuition, the Fee Type to Tuition
  4. Click the green Update button in the upper right corner.

You can continue to configure the tuition amount from that record, or navigate back to the Amounts query to see your newly created along with your other tuition amounts.