How can I view a teachers schedule on a day that we use an Alternate Block Schedule?

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You can view how a teacher's schedule is affected by an alternate block schedule by using a "Class Calendar Day" query. The Find Class Calendar Day query isn't listed in Axiom by default, however, you can create this query from scratch using the following steps: 

  1. Start with this link to a generic "new" query.
  2. In the query design of this blank query choose the Class Calendar Day query template. 
  3. Pull in all of the fields within the General section of the Available Fields column. 
  4. Run the query. Recommended: Save it to your workspace to avoid having to run through these steps again!

In the results, the Block Schedule field will be populated with the ABS being used for that day and the Start and End Time fields will update to reflect the class times for that day.