How can I associate an online donation with one or more campaigns or funds?

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There is no official way to split a donation, but, to do it manually, perform the following steps:

All steps in these instructions must be followed in order to avoid errors, mismatches, and double-counting.

  1. Access the donation you'd like to split in Axiom.
  2. Add a new donation to split to in Axiom.
  3. Access each donation in the Accounting side of Veracross.
  4. Find the checkout receipt number from the History tab on the original donation and add it to the new donation.
  5. Access the Checkout Payout for the original donation: History/Misc. This can be accessed through:
    • Payout Receipt popout >
    • Payout Items >
    • Checkout Payout Link >
    • Processing
  6. For example, if the original donation was $10,000 and needed to be split into two donations of $5,000 each, the mismatch should be displayed as $5,000 and the total receipts as $15,000. Verify the new donation is listed and that the mismatch is $5,000 with total receipts listed as $15,000
  7. Update the original donation amount to $5,000.
  8. Set each donation to Ready to Post.
  9. Refresh the Payout Items to verify everything is correct.