How can I send a Composer email to soft-credit individuals who give through an organization?

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Unfortunately, you cannot pull in the person ID from the standard Recent Donations and Pledge queries, but you can use any soft credit record as a starting point to build a new query. 


  • This query is for donations only. If you wish to query on pledges also, a second query specifically for pledges will be needed following the same steps below starting with the soft credit on a pledge record instead of a donation record.

  • Hint: anytime there is a detail table in a record, you can use it to "pop out" the results and view them in a query by clicking the arrow box on the far right of the embedded query (see screenshot below). 

Navigate to the Soft Credits tab on an Organization donation record and open a new query by clicking the link in the upper right corner of the detail table.

The query will default to the single donation soft credit record, so you will need to remove this filter and add the following fields applying filters as needed:

  • DONATION: Input Date
    • Filter: is on or after {Last_Week_Begin_Date}
  • DONATION: Person ID
  • DONATION: Receipt Amount
    • Include this field in case the soft credit differs from the actual gift amount
  • DONATION: Organization ID
    • Filter: is greater than 0 (this allows you to filter on the original donation indicating it came from an organization, not a person)