How can I schedule a student back into class they were previously transferred from?

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Because the system is not prepped to handle swapping back and forth with enrollments, we do not have a standard workflow for these kinds of changes.

To do this, you'll need to perform the following steps on General tab the student's class enrollment records:

  1. Populate the ‘Withdrawn Date’ field for the class the student was initially transferred into, but is now leaving.
  2. Remove the 'Withdrawn Date' from the first class they were enrolled in but are now returning to.
    • This tells the system that the first class this student was enrolled in is now the current one while acknowledging that they are no longer enrolled in the second class they were moved to before.
  3. Toggle the ‘Exclude from Report Card’ and ‘Exclude from Transcript’ flags from ‘ON’ to ‘OFF’ for the class they are moving back into so that the grades appear on the grade report documents as expected.