How can I hide the Invoice from the parent on the Parent Portal?

If there is an instance that the Business Office is not yet ready to show the Invoice to the payer on the Parent Portal/Future Parent Portal/Billing Portal, you have the ability to hide the invoice. 

To process this individually:

  1. Navigate to the General tab of the Invoice Record
  2. Toggle 'Suppress on Portal' to YES. 


This field can also be added to the AR Invoice Header query, enabling you to batch update invoices to be suppressed from the portal.  To accomplish this:

  1. Run the 'AR Invoice header' query from the AR Workflow Homepage
  2. Add the field 'Suppress On Portal' field into the query design
  3. From the Action Menu, choose Batch update the field to YES 

 Note: When you are ready to show the Invoices, you can just update the flag back