How can I get started building an academic document?

If you have custom academic documents (such as your report card), you can start experimenting with school-configurable academic documents at any time. 

The Big Picture

The four steps are:

  1. Create a new document layout.
  2. Create a new academic document that uses that layout.
  3. Create personal academic document (PAD) records using the new document.
  4. Review and configure the layout. 

Step by Step

First, create a new document layout.

  1. On the Academic Document homepage, click "Academic Document" under "Add/Configure Layouts."
  2. On the "Academic Document" page, click "Add Record" to add a new layout.
  3. Name it whatever you want and give it an access name. Note that you cannot change the access name later.
    • The document layout is where you will set all of the 100+ options for the document, but there's no need to do that just yet. 

Now, go create the academic document that uses the layout you just created.

  1. On the Academic Document homepage, click "Add New Academic Document."
    • Description: Whatever you want the name to be. #tip use the word "testing" or similar; you can change it later
    • System Type: School Configurable
    • Status: "Draft" is fine (statuses are only for your internal workflows, so a "draft" document will still be visible and editable)
    • Document: "Academic Document"
    • Document Layout: choose the one you just created.
    • School Year and Grading Period: choose the appropriate values
  2. Click "Add Academic Document"

Now, you can create the personal academic document (PAD) records so you can get a first look at an actual document with information populated. 

  1. On the Academic Document homepage, click "Current Year Academic Documents."
  2. The new academic document you just created will be in the list. Click the description.
  3. Head to the Configuration tab under the Setup heading:
    • Click "Add Record..." and add a grade level filter (min. and max grades).
    • Ensure that the default publishing status for both portal is set to "Not Published."
    • Click "Update."
  4. Click the Action menu (lightning bolt) and run the "Refresh Filters" action. This creates the personal academic document (PAD) records. And don't worry, nothing is published or accessible in a portal.

Time to start reviewing and configuring!

  1. On the academic document record, click the Record Review tab and click the Document URL for any given student. This is what your new academic document looks like. Keep it open in a tab.
  2. On the academic document record, click back to the Setup>Configuration tab, then click to the document layout. Here is where you can edit the layout.
    • Keep both tabs open: the document layout editing screen in Axiom and an actual document.
    • Make an update in Axiom, then refresh the document.
    • Check out the documentation link on the layout screen as you have questions about the fields.