How can I check to see which person records don't have a photo?

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Person records can have photos attached to them. If you want to query for person records without a photo, you need to look for photos with the default "person shadow" that the system uses when no photo has been uploaded. To do this:

  1. Run a Find People (or any person query), available on most homepages.
  2. In the query design, pull in the "Photo" field.
    • Set the field criteria to:
    • If you set the operator to "begins with" or "contains" or "is," the search will return person records with the "person shadow" image, i.e., records without an uploaded photo.
    • If you set the operator to "does not contain" or "is not," the search will return person records that do have a photo uploaed.
  3. Apply other edits to the design and run the query.