How can I capture a candidate's current school?

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Knowing an admission candidate's current school is likely a key question you want to have answered during the admission process. In Admission Portal 3, there are two ways to capture a candidate's current school in a way that writes information to the database:

  • On the inquiry form, you can use the "Feeder School" element.
  • In the admission portal, you can use the "Current School" system form. 

Feeder School Element Type on an Inquiry Form

The purpose of the feeder school element type on the inquiry form is to present a list of pre-defined schools (defined via a "feeder school" collection) from which to choose. If a school is not in the list, users are not able to add their own, so you would need to add a text field if you want the user to indicate a school that is not in the list. 

Add a "Feeder School" element type to an inquiry form. It presents the user with a drop-down of schools to select from.

  • The "Feeder School" element type presents a list of schools in a drop-down to choose from.
  • The schools listed are driven by the "Feeder School" collection, so you can define which schools appear.

Current School Form in the Admission Portal

The "Current School" system form allows the end-user to select from a list of schools or enter a new one. 

To capture the current in the admission portal, use the "Current School" system form attached to a checklist item. 

  • The list of schools to choose from uses the same "Feeder Schools" collection as the "Feeder School" element type on the inquiry form.
  • The system form offers the ability to enter a school that is not on the list. So it's designed to be broader in scope than the feeder school question on the inquiry. A new school created by the end-user gets created as a new organization in your database when it's submitted. 
  • If you use the feeder school element on the inquiry form and the user selects a school from the list, that school is prepopulated on the current school form in the admission portal.