How can I automatically CC users in a Composer email?

When writing composer emails, you sometimes want to include certain people in similar emails automatically. While there isn't a way to automate all emails going to a specific person, you can establish workflows that help you achieve what you're looking for. To accomplish this in Veracross, perform the following steps below.

A school-defined group  names "People Who Receive All Emails". Feel free to create custom school-defined groups that make sense for your workflows.

  1. Navigate to the System homepage and click the + Add a Group link.
  2. Name the group something that makes sense (e.g., People Who Receive All Emails, Additional Admission Staff Notifications, etc.)
  3. Add people to this group that need to be added using the Add Record... button.
  4. When sending an email through Composer, when you get to the recipients section, be sure to include relevent groups in your recipients.

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