How can I allow an email address not associated with a person in Veracross to use distribution lists (i.e., whitelist it)?

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In cases where someone not listed in your school's database needs to be able to use distribution lists, you can grant them permission to use distribution lists through the email whitelist. Examples for when this could occur are:

  • A member from the community not directly tied to the school is interested in volunteering to do mailings
  • A general office account (e.g., needs to send to distribution lists but it is not associated with a particular person in the database.

Selecting "Email Whitelist" from the Add menu on the System homepage brings up this screen, allowing you to an an email to the whitelist. 

To add new people to the email whitelist, perform the following steps:

  • Begin from the System homepage, click into the +Add menu, and select the "Email Whitelist" option.
  • Fill in the email address of the person you want to whitelist and click "Add Email Whitelist".
  • When you want to give this person access to distribution lists, toggle the Enabled flag to YES and click Update.

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