How can I add customized pronouns to a Composer message and is it possible to capitalize the merged text?

To include the pronoun in a Composer message, add the Pronoun Part of Speech function field to your query design and set the parameter for the display value.

To apply a setting to set the format to capital or lowercase, add the “Capitalize?” optional parameter and set the view accordingly.

Here is the list of each type of pronoun with how the pronoun is displayed:

  • Subjective: He/She/They
  • Objective: Him/Her/Them
  • Reflexive: Himself/Herself/Themself
  • Possessive Adjective: His/Her/Their
  • Possessive Pronoun: His/Hers/Theirs

If you include multiple iterations of the field, Composer displays these in order when adding the syntax by applying a numeric value to each duplicated field in order of their appearance in the query regardless if you rename the fields.

For example, if you include three iterations of the field, the syntax for the first field would be {data:pronoun_part_of_speech}, the second field would be {data:pronoun_part_of_speech_1} and so on.