How can a teacher see their student’s master attendance for the day?

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If a teacher wishes to see a student's master attendance for the day, they have three options.

To see the value on the Attendance tab of their class in the teacher portal, the "Track Class Attendance" field on the Other tab of a class record, must be set to YES.

Via the Attendance tab

If the “Track Class Attendance” field for a class is set to “Yes”, then a teacher can click on the Attendance tab of their class in the teacher portal and view what their student’s master attendance status was for the day before saving their Class Attendance.

These two methods will work if the “Track Class Attendance” for a class is set to “Yes” or “No”:

Via the Student Profile

  1. Go to the “Find Students” portal component and search for an individual student.
  2. Once the student is selected, the Student Profile displays.
  3. On the “Today” tab of the Student Profile, the student’s Master Attendance Status is displayed.

Via Embedded Query

If you would like for a teacher to be able to view all their students’ attendance statuses, you can embed a query onto the teacher portal with this information. To build this query:

  1.  Start from the “Find Master Attendance” query on the Attendance homepage.
  2.  Add the “My Student” field and set the criteria to be “[is] Yes”.
    •  You can additionally set the field, “Attendance Date” to be “[is] {today}”.

 When this query is viewed by a teacher from the portal, they will see a list of all their students and those students' Master Attendance Status for the day.

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